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Drinking water quality in Philippines

Studies shows that waterborne diseases in Philippines remain a severe public health concern, especially in urban areas where water quality does not meet the standards set by the national government.  About 4,200 people die each year due to contaminated drinking water (Philippine Statistics on safe water).

The challenges for the provision of safe water and sanitation are getting harder due to rapid population growth, increased agriculture, urbanization and industrial activities. These had been the reasons why people seek assurance that what they drink is worth to trust.  Purified water demands rises continuously along with time.  Many households began to accept that Purified water, just like food necessity, needs budget allocations. Gone were the days when we could trust faucet water anymore.  Most people feels uncomfortable to gulp a glassful of it and does not seem to enjoy no matter how  ice cold it could be or even if  it was boiled (the taste is unnatural) unless it was  from a purified water supplier. Indeed, Water Refilling Station is a good business to support health awareness and in saving lives.

Aqua Konzult is an independent supplier and installer of water purification systems.  Over a decade of supplying safe water to its neighborhood, it ventured offering services installing WRS to fellow associates and relatives.  It realizes the increasing needs to provide its services in a larger scale, thus a proposed business plan and combo deals had been outlined.  For individuals who would like to venture in this line, it’s a lifetime investment you are betting on.

Our services and products are outlined in the succeeding pages. Contracts and Terms are for separate inclusions and be presented as you give us the opportunity to be your partner in coming up with the best WRS service.
Looking forward, and Godspeed!


Water Refilling Station @ 230T
Package Set-Up
3000GPD complete units in a stainless skip (Upgrade-ready for 6000 GPD) with 2 stainless bestank, 20pcs containers, 500 bottles, 500 stickers, 1 heat gun, 1 hot and cold water dispenser
Free delivery & installation within Metro Manila Areas
With service technician to support Regular preventive maintenance & emergency breakdown calls
(See freebies for cash payments)

Freebies #1: WRS necessities package
Detachable stainless sink
Detachable stainless counter top

Freebies #2: WRS Delivery Needs Package
Pedicab with sidecar
1 nokia cellphone

freebies # 3 Laundry trial starter package
washing machine twin tub (10 kg)
25 kgs. Powder detergent soap
20L Fabric Softener
20 L Liquid Bleach

Freebies # 4 Carwash Business Starter package
Pressurized carwash
Air compressor
5 gallons foaming shampoo
1gallon engine degreaser
1liter air freshener w/ deodorizer
1gallon glass cleaner


LAUNDRY stop + water Station@ 300T
w/ Delivery side car @ 450T

For more assistance and orders please contact mae @ 5450604/09333137376

By: maecruz