BusinessCoach Inc. Business Seminar Schedule for JULY 2013

Food Business
Starting a Meatshop July 12
Catering Business July 6
Canteen Concessionaire July 27
Starting a Restaurant July 20
Starting a Coffee Shop July 8
Starting a Food Cart July 2

Events Business
Balloon and Party Needs July 22
Advanced Balloon and Party Needs July 24
Wedding Planner July 17
Events Management July 12

Health and Wellness
Starting a Drugstore July 26
Starting a Spa July 18

Money Business
Money Changer July 3
Pawnshop July 5
Micro-Lending July 30
Stock Market July 27

Real Estate
Property Rental July 9
Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties July 2
Building and Property Management July 20
Real Estate Marketing July 16
Facilities Management Training July 24

Arts and Crafts
Starting a Flower Shop July 4
Beaded Jewelry Making July 8

Starting a Printing Press July 25
Corporate Giveaways July 11
Starting a Silkscreen Business July 1

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management July 29
Personality Development July 8
How to Implement 5S July 15
Training the Trainers July 16
Computing Salary July 27
Customer Service July 11
Salary Structure July 17
Conducting Interviews and Selection Process July 13
Records and Filing Management July 29
Training for Receptionists July 22

Management and Leadership
Leadership Training July 9
Basic Supervisory Skills July 20
Negotiation and Assertiveness July 19
Project Management July 8
Advanced Supervisory Skills July 6

Purchasing Management July 5
Warehouse and Inventory Management July 12
Kaizen Training July 1
Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport July 3
Supply Chain Management July 31

Business Communication
Business Writing July 10

Sales and Marketing
Competitive Selling Training July 4
Presentation Skills Training July 2
How to Close a Sale July 18
Territory and Key Accounts Management July 19

Accounting and Taxation
Bookkeeping and Accounting for Non-Accountants July 23-24
Internal Control and Auditing July 26
Business Taxation July 9-10
BIR Tax Assessment July 13

Business Process
Internet Marketing July 3
Starting a Business July 10
Current Good Manufacturing Practices July 22
Credit and Collection July 30

Manpower Services July 13
Starting a Travel Agency July 15
Laundry Shop Business July 26
Water Refilling Business July 25
Junkshop and Scrap Trading July 5
Starting a Preschool July 30
Starting a Petshop Business July 29
Starting a Tutorial Center July 25
School and Office Supplies July 19

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