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-Are you an EMPLOYEE looking for a way for a way to increase your income or paycheck?
-Are you a RETIREE looking for a second career in business?
-Are you a STUDENT finding ways to earn extra income?
-Are you a OFW tired of being away from your family?
-Are you a HOUSEWIFE looking for a way to earn at home?

“IF YES! then this is the right Business Opportunity you’ve been waiting for.”


What is 1BRO Global?
1BRO Global is an Electronic Loading business that uses the latest technology to connect everyone to the Leading Telecommunications Company in the Philippines!
It facilitates the dispensing of Airtime credits via sms or a web-interface. This system can dispense Electronic PINs (e-PINs) and even directly TOP-UP credits into a subscribers account.

-Use your existing cellphone!
-Use your existing simcard
-Use 1 Loadwallet that loads everything
-includes online loading!
-Personal inventory system
-Personal website account
-Discounts up to 25%

Why choose 1BRO?
-Small investments
-Easy to explain
-Fast repurchase
-No physical inventory

1BRO, 1Basic Resources of Opportunities
One sim Loads all Dealership powered by LoadCentral.

Income of not only 5ways but 7ways to Earn.
THE MOST GENEROUS COMPENSATION PLAN as compared with other One sim Loads All Companies.


1. DIRECT SELLING OF LOADS. Earn up to 25% of loads for more than 400 Prepaid Products.
Ex: You sell 100 smart, red, sun, globe, tm load 100×8%(.8)=80 so mean 80pesos ang load at may kita kang 10pesos.

Pano kung marami kang nabenta? Siyempre mas malaki din ang kitaan!!!
2. UNLIMITED RETAILER SIGN UP. 1Bro Dealers can register unlimited number of Retailers.
Earn P200.00 each per Retailer registration under your account! Note: unlimited retailers tayo dito kaya as long as masipag ka maghanap ng retailers unlimited P200.00 din ang kita mo. Only at 1bro!
Ex: 50retailersxP200.00=10,000 (example pa lang ito pano kung wala ng bayad ang retailers mo? Mas maganda dahil mas malaki ang chance mo na makakuha ng maraming retailers for BIGGER INCOME RESULT.
Note: Nasayo na yun kung sisingilin mo yung retailers mo ng P200.00 for the registration, o pwede mo naman ibigay ng libre diba? Take note unlimited retailer registration tayo dito.
3. GROSS RETAILER OVERRIDE. Dealers Override up to 2% from unlimited number of retailers only at 1BRO.
Dito na papasok ang iyong PASSIVE INCOME kasi yung mga retailers mo nalang ang nagtatrabaho o nagbebenta ng load kumikita ka padin. Bibigyan ka ng company ng 2% override bawat load na maibenta ng retailers mo. Not to be deducted from your retailers income, it is to be paid by the Company.
Mas maraming retailers mas malaki ang passive income na kikitain mo.
4. DIRECT REFERRAL. Dealer can refer anyone to become a Dealer also and ear P500.00 per Dealer (You can refer Unlimited Number of Dealers) only at 1BRO.
Ex: 50 Dealersx500=25,000 . Single account pa lang yan, pano kung nka multiple accounts ka x3 or x7 ang income mo dun.
5. INDIRECT REFERRAL BONUS. Earn additional P25.00 for every referral of your direct refferals up to 8th level. Passive Income!
6. PAIRING BONUS. No flush out (meron padin kahit papaano kasi kung walang flush out lubog yan). Earn P500.00 per pair.
Not only 60pairs but Maximum of 142 pairs a day. Earn not only 30K but up to P71,428.00 per day or P500,000 a week/2M per month. Only at 1BRO.
7. LEADERSHIP OVERRIDING BONUS. Earn 10% from the total income of your Direct Sponsor’s from their income in pairing bonus.
*Not to be deducted from your direct sponsor’s income. It is to be paid by the company.
The more referrals you made the bigger the income.
Kaya ang bawat isa ay gaganahan ng husto para magdirect referral at kapag kumita ng husto yung downline mo kikita ka din panigurado aside from pairing bonus.
Earn even if your TeamA & TeamB (Left ang Right) is not balanced). ONLY AT MY 1BRO!

Avail our Dealership Packages below;

1. 1account
Membership fee= 3,988
package includes:
-franchise fee cert.
-personal insurance worth 100,000
*FREE 500 loadwallet from me!
2. 3accounts/Tripack
-membership fee=11,964
-package includes, franchise fee cert. insurance, materials plus instant income of Php1500, plus free 1000 load wallet from me.
3. 7accounts
membership fee=27,916
package includes: franchise fee cert, insurance, materials plus instant income of 5,500, plus free 1500 loadwallet from me.
Why Multiple Accounts? Simple. Its like having multiple accounts in one! Earn 3x or 7x faster than someone who has a single account.

Kaya what are you waiting for? Be our business partner now!
Magnegosyo na Pilipinas!
We are looking for business minded individuals with millionaire mindset worldwide.

1BRO Team Highlanders. Join us as we climb to the toppest peak of our SUCCESS.

Contact Emil Bacasmot @ 09126330943 for assistance.

“When was the last time you woke up and realized that today could be the best day of your life? Participate in your dreams today. There are unlimited opportunities available with this new day. Take action on those wonderful dreams you’ve had in your mind for so long. Remember, success is something you experience when you act accordingly. Success is not something you HAVE, its something you DO.”-Steve Maraboli-


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