The Call To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the ability to imagine, build and bring to life a creative vision. To think, create, produce, evolve and with an on purpose attitude and a whole lot of sweat … you get a new way of living.

No matter where we are in this world, we all have the privilege of choice. In my world, that of the Entrepreneur, I have the opportunity to make my fortune on my own terms, I am my own boss, I call the shots.

Picture standing on a porch on the second floor of your home in front of an easel with a blank canvas, looking out at the view, your assignment is to paint your ideal life. What does it look like? A dream job/career/business, your dream lover/family, a dream home/car/boat/motorcycle, maybe a holiday home on the beach, some world travel, contributing to your favourite cause or causes, strong investment interests, a dream hobby……let your imagination take over, re-ignite dreams you may have forgotten or hidden away, don’t think about what you think you should want or any messages from the past that may stop you from really letting go, trust in yourself, know that you are deserving and believe you are capable of achieving all you desire……that is a great start.

The Call To Entrepreneurship is like a drug for those who know what they want and are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Developing a movie inside your head that you can just turn on any time you need a reminder of what your purpose is is the first step, after that, it is just a matter of time before it is yours. Action is the key though, if you do not make tangible steps toward your goal, it will not be realised. The more forward decisions you make, the more options will become available to get you to get there faster.

Entrepreneurial-ism is a big part of the answer to creating a stronger, more confident generation of innovators that will bring about more opportunities, more growth, more hope and more chance of a better world that encourages reliance on ourselves and our own abilities to provide rather than on government or any other governing force to dictate our fates.

Knowledge plays a big part in this change. Learning to take responsibility for our successes and our failures is a big part of growing to fit the mould of Entrepreneur. The process of creating and selling or just selling a product or service of value in exchange for money or another product or service needed does many things: it provides tangible evidence of your capabilities, self worth and confidence, it fosters initiative, creativity, pride and lends credibility……the journey itself is where the gain is made, it is never just about the money.

Entrepreneurship requires more than the drive to make money, an open and willing mind is needed to get the job done, perseverance, consistency, a sound knowledge of financial matters and above all, focus. Learning about money, how it works and using it as the tool it is meant to be to create more opportunity for yourself and others is a very profitable use of your time. It is my belief that financial, self development and entrepreneurial skills should be taught in all learning places world wide. We are starting our children off with a severe disadvantage by not making sure that they have a sound grounding in this kind of knowledge before entering the adult world.

The Call To Entrepreneurship is not for everyone but it is available for anyone. If your dreams and aspirations are larger than your current circumstances then hold on to them with both hands, keep the movie of what that looks like constantly in your head and visit it often and the way to achieve it will be unfolded before you, all you have to do is act upon it when the inspiration hits!

Author: Leanne Opthoog
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Travelling Kiwi and Global Entrepreneur, my loves are my family, travel, internet marketing, self development, experiencing new things, great food and company, movies, shoes, bags, great clothes, making new friends, empowering and inspiring people to create and realise their dreams and just generally having heaps of fun!!! For more great articles on business, finance, home business, self development, internet marketing etc please visit http://www.empowernetwork.com/leanneopthoog/

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