for sell nozzle tips and plunger zexel and denso brands

Price: ₱ 350,
Dn0pdn112= for 4d56/ 4m40 Mitsubishi

Dn0sd193= for Rf/R2 mazda

Dn0pdn121= for kia bingo
Dn20pd32= for Toyota 2c and 1c

Dn0sd2110= for Mitsubishi 4dr5 and 4d30

DN0sd24= for kobuta

Dn4pd57= for Toyota 2L / 3L / 3L

Dn0pdn113= for Nissan Td23/ Td27 /Td42T

Dlla160p50= for Mitsubishi 4d31 / 4d32/… http://ssl.olx.ph/item/for-sell-nozzle-tips-and-plunger-zexel-and-denso-brands-ID7we6w.html

Go here to READ MORE: http://ssl.olx.ph/item/for-sell-nozzle-tips-and-plunger-zexel-and-denso-brands-ID7we6w.html

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  1. Sayeg says:

    Good Day,
    Please send me updated price of Denso Nozzle tip Part. No. DN20PD32 and is it on stock.

    Maraming Salamat

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