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Make your own HIGH QUALITY Household & Personal Care Products, Detergent Powder Making Seminar combined with Perfume, Cologne, Car Care, Household, Personal Care Products Making.

You can sell them for profit. Detergent Powder and perfume is a thriving cottage and home-business industry nowadays, as customers turn to customized, either in search of a cheaper yet quality kinds of Detergent Powder and perfume for gift, hobby and most of all for business. Learn how to make your own Detergent Powder and perfume and start your own business.

You will also learn how to make the very saleable products listed below from qualified trainers, in a step by step procedure, actual demos and hands-on experience.

Dishwashing Liquid with anti-bac
Liquid Hand soap with moisturizer
Car Shampoo with wax
Detergent Powder
Fabric Softener
Perfume Lotion
Body Scrub
Hand Sanitizer, Hair Shampoo
Tiles, Toilet and Bowl Cleaner
Liquid Bleach

For questions, reservations & registration:
• Look for Teacher Reign Bautista 09473541430 ; 09484822371
By: reign bautista

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