How a Curtain Maker Turned a Millionaire in “My Puhunan”

Linda Meddalo of Danilyn’s Enterprise Inc. went from sewing curtains for her own home to decorating mansions and plush homes, including the Malacañang Palace and Shangri-La Hotel.

Know how Linda’s home-based business turned into a flourishing manufacturing company that now earns millions from broadcast journalist Karen Davila.

Now that she’s made it, Linda helps out struggling single mother Liza Riray, a rag maker who wants to provide for her three adopted children.

In “My Idol’s Puhunan,” meanwhile, Karen will feature Regina Tolentino’s boutique business, which is popular among celebrities when it comes to gowns and costumes. It was in 1999 when Regine put up her boutique, but she saw its commercial potential only when Rustan’s bought her first ever clothing line.

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