How a Junkshop Owner Became a Millionaire in “My Puhunan”

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila finds out how Trining Climaco, who didn’t even go to high school, built and grew her junkshop business and became a millionaire.

In “My Puhunan” episode, Trining wants to share her knowledge and experience with Jun Gonzaga, a garbage collector from Payatas. Jun only earns P200 to P300 a day, almost not enough to provide for all of his seven children, one of whom is going to law school.

What will Trining teach Jun in his one day of ‘training’ at her junkshop? How will Jun use the little capital granted to him?

Watch “My Puhunan” July 24 Episode

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  1. A very inspiring "from scraps to riches" story of success.

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