Make your Presence Felt with PI for men by Givench

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Description – Givenchy is internationally acclaimed fragrance brand with exclusive collection for both men and women

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Givenchy is internationally acclaimed fragrance brand with exclusive collection for both men and women. Men’s cologne range by Givenchy is known for its luxurious and aromatic woody scent with slight hints of floral and spice. PI for men by Givenchy has very distinctive smell that would surely turn heads towards you, it’s very intense and sexy. In no way it can be termed as vulgar. This cologne smell is pleasant and makes you feel good about yourself.

PI for men by Givenchy is known for its elegance and sophistication with elements of modernity. This brand makes loyal customers forever despite so many designer cologne brands introduced in the market, such is the charm of this cologne.

Hubert De Givenchy is the man behind founding Givenchy perfumes and colognes in the year 1957. He possessed distinctive vision when creating men’s cologne range. Instead of bold and brash, he wanted to popularize sophisticated and elegant image of men to the world.

Givenchy’s PI for men with oriental woody perfume is ideal for explorers of the pleasures of life and loves to be sensual. The bottle is of geometric shape marked by perfect clear lines. Alberto Morillas was the men behind creating this cologne in 1998.

Top notes open up with the scent of tarragon, basil, mandarin and rosemary. Heart notes include lily of the valley, anise, Neroli and geranium. Base notes end with yellow sugar, vanilla, Tonka beans, benzoin, cedar and almond.

This cologne edition by Givenchy has many successors. Bottle for PI for men was designed keeping in consideration futuristic and modern PI Neo perfume in the year 2008.Serge Mansau designed the bottle for PI.

PI for men by Givenchy is an ideal evening wear cologne and even for special occasions.

Hubert De Givenchy formed this brand with a vision to combine American modernity with French elegance. The style represented by this range of fragrance would make you stand distinct from other men. Users of this cologne are men with sophistication along with classiness, confident and possess elegance which may envy normal men.

Among women <a TARGET=\\\"_blank\\\" href=\\\"http://www.perfumexy.com/Givenchy/men-cologne/PI-by-Givenchy/Id/4840/2\\\">PI for Men by Givenchy</a> is an instant hit, they find it very sexy and provocative. This seductive cologne would make your lady love get attracted to you and stay closer to you. The essence of Givenchy cologne is masculine oozing sheer elegance and sophistication.

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