Mindanao Civet Coffee

My name is Joshua Hernandez I’m from Scottsdale Arizona, and have been here in Mindanao Philippines for just under two years now. I’d like to know if you’d be interested in buying 100% High Quality Organic Civet Coffee (aka Kafe Balos/Kopi Luwak) at wholesale prices to offer to your customers. This coffee is Prized as the “Most expensive coffee in the world” and “one of the best in taste” according to coffee connoisseur around the world! Our coffee beans are 100% ORGANIC and WILD civet coffee beans!

Our coffee beans are grown high in the volcanic mountains of the Philippines on over 70 hectares (173 acres) of forest ground. We do NOT keep the civets in cages and feed them, they roam wild so they can eat the coffee cherries THEY choose, this is another reason why Kafe Balos is such high quality! Every morning the gatherers wake up walk the forest and collect the civet beans. I am in direct contact with the source so you can guarantee your product will be 100% original civet coffee. NO counterfeits, All coffee is roasted to perfection and only the BEST beans are used! We also practice fair trade. Stock is limited each year but we can provide enough.

My wife and I don’t want to start a coffee shop because we have plans on opening a ministry here to help the street kids and those in slum areas learn about the love of Jesus, so we will use the profits towards this vision, at this point we want to simply be suppliers.

You can learn more about our coffee here:

(Featured on ABS/CBN TV Patrol)

Or visit our Facebook page at:


Many of our buyers are selling this as a “specialty” coffee and offering only a set number of cups per day and it’s working quite nicely. (e.g. 10 12/16oz cups per day at P350 per cup = P3500. 70g will brew approximately 10 cups)

Note: Supply is limited annually as we are currently supplying other coffee shops and only so much of this coffee is available each year- We also have 100% Organic Arabica and Robusta (not from the civet cat) available at much lower prices. Hope to hear from you soon and God bless!

By: Kafe Balos Coffee

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