Royale Business Club International Inc. Distributor

Royale Business Club International Inc. is a Filipino-owned corporation established and incorporated in the year 2006 in Quezon City. Its main objective is to create a group or club of success driven independent distributors and enable them to become world class entrepreneurs by the progressive implementation of a dynamic,innovative and sustainable system of marketing.

A proud member of Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), Philippines Exporters Confederation (PHILEXPORT) and Philippines Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PCCI). We have 16 branches nationwide, 2 branches international and 2 more soon to open international branches(to open w/in the year of 2012).

All our products are SUPERBRANDS status awarded.
Products link: http://www.royale-international.ph/products/royale-wellness

Food & Drug AdministrationRegistered Distributor of
•Drugs-License# RDII-MM-DT-0771
•Foods-License # RDI-MM-FE/W-3786
•Cosmetics-License# RDI-MM-CT-0402

Benefits, priviledges and incentives of an Independent Distributor:
1 Direct Selling – Retail Profit from:
In-house products
Product Packages

2Leveraging – Team Match Sales Bonus
a) Product Package (Pro Pack)
b) Product Sales-PPV Accumulation
Fifth Cycle Gift Cheque Rebates
Team Advantage Program

3 Uni-level

4 Multi-level/ Stair Step to Success
Royalety/ Leadership Bonus

5 Incentives
Profit Sharing Program (P.S.P.)
Special Incentive Program (S.I.P.)
International Travel Getaway

6 Mobile Stockist/Satellite Center
MS/SC Sponsor Finder’s Fee
MS/SC Sponsor’s Rebates(Please see a Royalé Staff for a detailed information)

Contact Details:
Mobile: +639325063118
By: Mark Anthony Collano

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