Seminar on: How to Start a Business aka Entrepreneurship Made Easy

NOBODY GETS RICH BEING EMPLOYED, easily! That is, if you are not the owner or president/executive of a profitable company/business.

Having your own home business is easy and we will show you how. This is not multi-level or networking scheme! It is a simple, very practical and informative 4-hour seminar that will help you start your own business, whatever your background or financial status.

REMEMBER, there is an entrepreneurial spirit in all of us waiting to be tapped. And the right time to do it is NOW! TNT -Today Not Tomorrow !

The 4-hour Seminars are held at the Penthouse of the Old Makati Stock Exchange, beside Tower 1, Ayala Ave., Makati City, but subject to change/availability.

Each session is limited to 15-20 participants only.

Includes Certificate, Seminar materials/worksheets, snack, and more!

Special low rate for schools.

Please contact/email us at:

Positive Concept Seminars
by E & J Global Consulting


Mobile No. 0947 576 5605


We also DO in-house seminars based on your schedule and availability.

We work closely and harmoniously with you. We tailor-fit all our modules based on your specific requirements and investment. We firmly believe in a win+win long-term relationship.

Our modules come with our own in-house Habit Builder and Action Plan Worksheets that can greatly help in the success of participants; thus, making them more effective and productive.

Customized modules are available for 2-hour, 4-hour and whole day sessions.

We offer life-changing, high-impact seminars and presentations that reveal some of life’s secrets to success.

“Give man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for life!”

By: Ed de Guzman

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