Success Story of a Beauty Salon Floor Sweeper Turned Millionaire

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila traces the success story of a beauty salon floor sweeper-turned-beauty salon owner and millionaire MJ Aparice in the August 28 episode of “My Puhunan”.

Now successful, MJ wants to impart what he’s learned through the years with struggling beautician Rosalie, who earns a living as a “walking parlor” and goes around her barangay to offer her manicure, pedicure, and haircutting services. Rosalie’s only wish is to have more beauty equipment and cosmetic tools, as well as to learn more about providing beauty services – a wish that will be granted by mentor MJ.

Karen, meanwhile, features actress and former “That’s Entertainment” performer Jennifer Sevilla and her shop, Lynelle’s House of Hair Fashion that sells real and synthetic hair wigs.

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