Success Story of Cafeteria Servers Who Became Popular Cake House Owners

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila shares the story of how the married couple Merly and Nelson Balicao started their business from scratch and became popular cake house owners in ABSCBN’s “My Puhunan”.

While working at the UPLB cafeteria in the 70s, Merly and Nelson learned how to bake, but it wasn’t until ten years later that they put up Mer-Nel’s Bakery.

With just P800, they produced the first ever Mer-Nel’s banana cake. Now, Mer-Nel’s already sells 600 cakes a day with a P20 million-building that houses its bakery, restaurant, and function rooms.

“My Puhunan” also features Centerstage, a KTV and bar co-owned by host and singer-actress Karylle and her ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes. Although Karylle was initially reluctant to start a business, she was able to expand Centerstage that now has three branches.

Watch ‘My Puhunan’ video below

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