VIDEO: India’s Bajaj To Launch Four-wheel Vehicle But It’s Not A Car

It’s got four wheels and seatbelts, but Bajaj Auto, the creator of India’s first quadricycle, would rather you didn’t call it a car. Bajaj Auto is marketing the RE60 as a more stable and comfortable alternative to the three-wheeled auto-rickshaws ubiquitous on India’s roads even though it looks like a small hatchback car and is expected to cost less. Weight, top speed and other specifications, including safety standards, mean the RE60 will not be classified as a car. But that didn’t stop executives from India’s top automakers such as Tata Motors from comparing it to a car and finding its safety features come up short. Rajiv Bajaj, the company’s managing director, insists the RE60 is neither a car nor an auto-rickshaw. The government is even creating a new classification category for the vehicle, which is expected to be launched within months.

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