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Idiotic Road Mistakes That Happen Often

In today’s generation, they usually assert that driving is the best thing in the world. But each day, road blunders happen. Admit it, you have your fair share on these mistakes; maybe while you’re cruising the problematic traffic here in the Philippines in your Toyota Innova, then a lousy driver...


Millennials Making Millions: The Prodigal Ones

In the modern world of employment and technological advancement in the form of virtual office work in Manila, Millennials are the employees with sky-high potential. Despite what many may think about them, their skills are truly innovative and creative, yet underestimated. Their polarizing choices on their lifestyles and work ethics...


Productive Activities Your Child Can Do During the Holidays

Finally, school is out and exam is over. Few weeks from now, several students studying in different international schools in Manila will take a break and spend the holidays with their beloved family. Christmas season is filled with completing the “Misa de Gallo”, attending family reunions, and joining various Christmas...


Filipino Activities as We Welcome the Ber Months

Never mind that there are other special occasions before we celebrate Christmas, but as far as Filipinos are concerned, as soon as we usher in the “ber” months, the holiday cheer has formally started. Christmas in the Philippines is known as the longest in the world. It starts in September...


Perfect Cars for Beginners

In the Philippines, the Toyota Altis used to be one of the most popular cars for first time drivers. This sedan is sleek and is perfect for going on road trips with family and friends. The Toyota Altis is a reliable and versatile model that will suit everyone’s needs in...


The Effect of Drug Abuse on Workplace Performance in the Philippines

The international media is predicting a further boom for the Philippine economy following the Duterte election, with announced intentions to remove the 40 per cent cap on foreign investment and the resulting expectancy of more capital, healthier competition, further development and more optimal results. There is, however, one area that could compromise...


Why Expats Love the Tropical Weather of the Philippines

Why Expats Love the Tropical Weather of the Philippines Summer is a busy season in the Philippines. Schools are out, office workers redeem week-long vacation leaves, and foreigners clad in cotton shirts and shorts become temporary beach residents. The country is home to the world’s best island, Palawan, affordable accommodation...