How To Start An Event Planning Business

How To Start Your Own Event Planning Business
By: Alvid Olsen

Are you an outgoing, fun person who has a knack for decorating, good taste, planning, and knowing how to have a good time? The perfect home based business is to start your own event planning business.

Event planning is a $500 billion business around the world these days, with a lot of development possibilities. The profit margin has gone up from 15% to even more than 30 to 40%. People employ event planners simply because they sometimes don’t have the time and expertise to arrange situations themselves. Some of the situations for which celebration planners are hired are…

* Celebrations of different varieties (parties, weddings, reunions, qunincearas, birthdays, anniversaries)
* Educational (conferences, meetings, graduations)
* Promotions (merchandise launches, political rallies, fashion shows)
* Commemorations (memorials, civic occasions)


The finest way to arranged up an celebration preparing service business is to commence as an apprentice with an event planning company. This gives you useful exposure to the business, and you discover the tricks of the trade without investing something. You may also acquire understanding about the business by acquiring an celebration preparing or supervision degree or certificate from a nearby college or university and also come to be a CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional or CMP (Certified Meeting Planner). This is the best way to get on the path to start your own event planning business.

Target Market

The targeted market for event planning business is huge. Companies as nicely as charities and non-profit organizations host gala fundraisers, receptions and athletic competitions, between other situations, to increase their public assistance base and boost money. Organizations also organize trade exhibits, conventions, business picnics, vacation celebrations and meetings for personnel members, board users or stockholders. In addition to this there is a big interpersonal industry. This involves organizing of weddings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations, Sweet 16 events, children’s celebrations, reunions and so on.

Start off-up Charges

The start off costs to start your own event planning business is dependent upon your company profile. A minimal-end event management company can be started out for $8,000 even though a higher-end may possibly price $30,000 to $50 thousand. The primary expenditure is on three primary necessities: products, number of workers and office space. To start your own event planning business it can be a little bit at first, but it can be quickly made back if you are good.


There are no fixed costs in the event planning business. The fee varies for a particular function , and is related to the amount of business and high quality of perform included. Typically, you can anticipate to make 15 to 20 per cent on each occasion. Granted the dimension of the market, aspect-time function planners can gross around $20,000 annually for part-timers although full-time celebration planners can hope to generate $100,000 or a lot more. It can be very lucrative to start your own event planning business.

Having the best resources and help can be the difference in success and failure. How would you like to have a blueprint for success and get it for a very small investment.

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  1. Noella says:

    Great information here, apparently we do not have colleges that offer this course in our country to degree level and I hope that soon we will have institutions that can partner with the local ones here and offer it.  So many youth are interested in joining this interesting career as if offers so many opportunities

  2. Sam says:

    Event planning is such a diverse career that solid advice like this is really useful, I have researched several start up costs for different businesses and sometimes the start up costs are too high for me but I have to invest a lot of time working that out, you have done that for me – event planning has a feasible start up cost for me I think I would need to research it more in my area, attend a few networking events and see exactly what the competition would be but great information.

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