Rejuvenate the Interior Décor with Interesting rug alterations

Do you have a beautiful rug at your home? Then you must be maintaining it regularly, for it is one of the items that get maximum exposure to human traffic. The baby drools, the pet hairs, dust and dirt, are coming with the feet of visitors, and the daily accumulation of particles slowly damage the rug. But don’t be in despair if the rug suffers from damages. With professional rug alterations, you can reinstate the condition of the item or even alter the proportion and structure completely. You can choose from different floral, abstract or geometric designs and use some mix and match or patch different colors to make your living space beautiful.

Identify the signs

When you see a few symptoms, you must realize that it is time to repair or alter the rug. 

  1. Stains:

The stains on the rugs are something that you can hide with a piece of furniture but cannot remove without help from the professional cleaners. But if you allow the stain to remain for a long time, you might have to replace the item. Water and liquid spillage, chemical spills or stains from food items can make a bad spot on the rug, and you need to choose alternative rug varieties that will be the most suitable for your room.


2. Wear and tear:

The rips and tears on the carpets are a definite symptom to indicate that you must go for the rug alterations. Instead of covering the defects, you should immediately take it for repair. The rugs of polyester fibres may lose their forms, and you can trip and fall. Before any such accident happens, do take it to the professionals. 

3. Stinky 

When you own a pet or have a baby, the lingering smell of the carpet increases day by day. You can try cleaning the rug, but if the odour persists, then you have to check the condition.

4. Water damage

Mild water damages happen to most of the rugs. But it is possible to repair them through rug alterations. You can detect the water damage when you see the missing thread patches or the colour fading at parts. Immediate alteration can help in saving the investment.

rug alterations

Check the padding

The padding under the carpet is just like a soft pillow under the rug. The padding should be comfortable for you to deal with and choose that kind of padding that can be dry cleaned, or dried very easily. It is more like a foundation that will make it comfortable to walk on the rug. If you can manage to add the cushion through rug alterations, you can easily keep the room quieter and even improve the insulation of the room.

Change the style

If you have brought a new carpet from the premium manufacturers, then it is going to last for at least ten years. But sometimes, you might find it boring to see the same old style in the bedroom or the living area. With quality rug alterations, you can easily make some changes in the rug’s shape and change the room’s entire appearance with little and simple modification.

Old is gold

The hand-woven rug is a priceless possession. Believe it or not, it will be in the best condition even years later if you can maintain the carpet. So, don’t ignore the maintenance as it will also minimize the requirement for rug alterationsHowever, the modifications can make the rug more attractive and change the style to change the entire appearance of the space. 

You can even incorporate some latest features or shapes to make it look new altogether. Old is always the gold as long as you know how to preserve the priceless beauty in its original form with minimum modifications. 

Infographic: To learn more about Rejuvenate the Interior Décor with Interesting rug alterations

rug alteration infographic
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