Gigahertz – Manila City, Metro Manila – AccountingTeam Leader / Manila Manila, National Capital Region Today, 05:08 PM Gigahertz » Job detail I.listing title: Accounting Team Leader II. What are the Accounting Team Leader’s Scope and Responsibilities? The Accounting Team Leader must LEAD a team finance personnel and clerks to efficiently process accounting input and generate financial reports. ACCOUNTABLE for the monthly creation/verification of financial reports and communicating the results. III. What expertise must Finance Head should possess? leadership abilities expertise – The Finance Head must be able to lead her staff in creating report for sales, inventory, profitcapability, cash flow bank reconciliation and other reports. Technical expertise – An expert in creating, auditing and analyzing financial statements Analytical expertise – The Finance Head must be able to take data, convert Information technology to information and make inferences from it. Problem Solving expertise – After sufficient obs…

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