Administrative adjunct III (Re-Open)

TESDA – Philippines – POSITION: Administrative adjunct III (Re-Open) TESDA – Philippines POSITION : Administrative adjunct III (Re-Open) FORMER INCUMBENT : Gary G. Puaso ITEM NUMBER : TESDA-OEOB-ADAS3-55-2017 (TESDAB-ADAS3-36-2004) OFFICE : HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT DIVISION (HRMD), ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE (AS) income : SG-9 Php16,986.00 PERA : P2,000.00 THE HIREE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING : ? Operates the computer in encoding and printing data from source documents; ? Maintains the filing system and documentation system of the office; ? Prepares presentation materials, reports and statistics; ? Performs required housekeeping and reports malfunction to manager; and, ? Performs other related functions. JOB QUALIFICATIONS OF THE HIREE ARE : Education : Completion of two-year studies in college practice : 1 year of significant practice Training : 4 hours of significant training Eligibility : Career Service (Sub-professional)/First Level Eligibility CORE COMPETENCIES : ? Work effec…

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