agent, Occupational Health

Melco Crown Entertainment – Metro Manila – agent, Occupational Health Melco Crown Entertainment – Manila, Metro Manila Job Description – agent, Occupational Health (030812) POSITION SUMMARY: agent, Occupational Health assists the Manager, Occupational Health in spearheading the promotion and protection of health in the Company workplace and business. Furthermore, the position also ensures that the Company is compliant with laws and government regulations and standards on Occupational Health. PRIMARY Job responsibilities: Co-manages and supervises the operations of the Company’s medical clinic, which primarily provides first aid and emergency medical services to employees and guests, by ensuring that (i) medical cases are addressed properly and in a timely manner (ii) medicines and medical supplies are always available (iii) medical equipment in the clinic are in working condition at all times (iv) clinic is adequately staffed and (v) medical staff provide good customer service to patients Ensures that the Company is comp…

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