Masagana Telamart Inc – Manila City, Metro Manila – Barista » Full-time » Manila » • » Posted on December 31, 2018 » • »Save Job favorite_border Urgent Hiring Baristas for a well-known milk tea shop! Qualifications 1. Male or Female, 20 to 32 years old 2. College level 3. If high school grad, must have practice in the food and beverage industry for at least 1 year 4. Must be fluent in Tagalog and knows Basic English (including spelling) Responsibilities 1. While primary assigned as a barista, staff may sometimes be required to cashier and take orders 2. Must be able to take and make orders correctly 3. Must provide good customer service and be able to explain the menu to the customers 4. Must be able to do regular inventory, make orders and ensure stock level Qualities 1. Fast, while remaining calm, during high volume orders 2. Respectful and courteous 3. Neat, presentable and organized 4. Hardworking and takes initiative P15000 to 16000 per month, depending on cash incentives, staff meals are included Location i…

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