Customer Service Agent

Philippines – WORK CAN BE FUN, EDUCATIONAL AND SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU SO EXCITED THAT YOU JUMP OUT OF BED EACH MORNING. So why settle for a boring job? Instead, get paid to create, learn and grow with brilliant young people who accomplish things that everyone else calls impossible – over and over again. WHAT WE DO: BEAUTY AND JOY We’re an exceptional company of artists, geeks and marketers. Our goal is to bring joy to people’s lives by inspiring and empowering them to create beautiful photos with iPhone. Regardless of your role in the company, your work will help millions of people appreciate the beauty in the world around them. WHAT’S IT LIKE TO WORK AT IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL? Imagine collaborating and hanging out with some of the smartest, craziest and most passionate people in the world. Learning from the freshest and most innovative ideas in business and technology. Having the freedom to do great work without management getting in your way. All in a fun and positive way. Our com…

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