Freelance English Language Tutor in Commonwealth, QC

Quezon City, Metro Manila – We’re hiring Office-Based Online English Teachers! FREE ACCOMMODATION FOR FULL-TIME TEACHERS Company Name: J-P English Corp. Office Address: Unit Q, 5th Floor, Crissant Plaza Building, Old Balara, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City BENEFITS -Earn as much as Php 10,000-30,000 per month -Get paid per 25-minute class -Choose your teaching schedule within 4am to 12mm -Unbooked slots will be paid if you teach from 4am to 7am and 7pm to 12mn -Get a rate increase after 3 months -Receive monthly incentives -Work with our accommodating support staff -Teach our respectful and professional Japanese students -Get a chance to meet and teach your students offline -Take advantage of the company accommodation located just beside the office building *No more transpo expenses *No more travel time JOB RESPONSIBILITIES – Provide 25-minute English lessons to Japanese students via Skype – Report to the office at least 30 minutes before the work shift – Evaluate students’ performance, prov…

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