Head of Driver Operations

Manila City, Metro Manila – Get to know our Team: The Driver Loyalty and Retention continues to Outserve Our Customers by providing great ideas in keeping our partners happy while staying within the allotted budget. This team put themselves in our partner shoes so they can come up with the best retention initiatives we can provide to our partners They are hardcore data folks and has good experience with operations and interest in market insights. Get to know the Role: Analyze demand and supply dynamics, and direct or generate supply to satisfy market demand and achieve optimal levels of driver productivity. Segment and incent users to develop behaviour that meets the business needs. Plan, coordinate, and lead strategic campaigns such as the transition to a new incentive program, the launch to a new city, or the review of costs to meet profitability targets. The day-to-day activities: Translate numbers and insights into company-wide action. Must be adept at influencing that action by working with differe…

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