Offer: Cash Application Spec III

Pauline Joi Sobriaga – Philippines – Cash Application Spec III Pauline Joi Sobriaga – Philippines Permanent 1. Connects the Group to the Outside World: Views work in the context of the external and internal customers; improves products/services as a result of customer engagement and feedback from internal customers and stakeholders; translates customer needs into organisational strategy and direction; represents the organisation to key external groups and internal global stakeholders 2. Drives for Results: Does everything possible to achieve results; consistently meets or exceed expectations; builds commitment in others for individual and team objectives; leads efforts to increase productivity and goal accomplishment 3. Takes Initiative: Anticipates and responds to threats or opportunities that might affect business performance; has the confidence to initiate action; independently address unexpected opportunities or problems; goes above and beyond what needs to be done; models proactive behaviour 4. Technical/Pro…

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