Personal company driver

Realiving Design Center – Manila City, Metro Manila – Personal company driverwith practiced Manila, National Capital Region Today, 03:27 PM Realiving Design Center » Job detail The major responsibility of a personal driver is to convey his/her employer to places as instructed. This incorporates driving him or her to work and occasions. The job description of a personal driver changes from employer to employer. Most times their tasks and responsibilities are not constrained to conveying their employers, but depend on a number of factors like the nature of work of the employer and his/her way of life. The function of a personal driver ranges from safely driving the employer to keeping the car neat. It involves carrying out simple inspection and maintenance work like changing the oil and batteries, refueling the car(s), and repairing some minor faults, which can be mechanical or electrical in nature. The driver will find out possible electrical or mechanical defects in the car and report to the employer for Information technology to …

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