5 Tips On Selecting The Right Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property law covers business assets that often involve substantial investments, from innovative processes to breakthrough products, catchy slogans, and business trademarks. 

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Coming up with an industry-disrupting product, service, or idea takes time, effort, and money, not to mention potentially high returns. Thus, protecting ownership over an invention helps make a business stand out and achieve long-term success in today’s highly competitive business environment.  

Intellectual property (IP) laws can be highly complex and technical, with crucial elements including copyrights, patents, and trademarks. That’s why businesses and artists require a skilled IP lawyer who can help protect and uphold your rights over your creations.      

What Do Intellectual Property Lawyers Do

Intellectual property law experts, including those from The Myers Law Group and other law firms, often work closely with clients such as businesses and individuals seeking to go through the following processes: 

  • Acquiring a patent. Patents provide inventors with the exclusive right to use their products, new machines, and other improvements or transfer this right to another entity in exchange for an agreed-upon fee.   
  • Getting copyright. This branch of intellectual property covers artistic works such as music, movies, writings, architecture, and other related forms.    
  • Registering a trademark. Entities can apply for a trademark to shield their valuable assets, including trade secrets, processes, client lists, formulas, slogans, logos, and other intangibles that represent the company from competitors.
  • Seeking infringement protection. Infringement refers to a breach of the IP law, most notably unauthorized use of an intellectual property. In some cases, the IP rights owner may have to resort to litigation to stop others from using their creation without permission.     

How To Choose The Right Intellectual Property Lawyer   

Knowing how to safeguard your IP holdings is said to be essential. You can start by getting a lawyer who can guide you through the processes and defend you before the court, as necessary. 

Getting the right one doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you consider the following factors.  

  1. Focus On Lawyers With IP Law Expertise

It may be obvious yet still worth mentioning. Lawyers specializing in intellectual property law have in-depth knowledge of the field, allowing them to provide the best service and resolve your issues and concerns accurately.  

Online and in-person referrals help get the correct IP lawyer, but you must know how to look for a diamond in the rough. Search reputable sites for a list of attorneys specializing in intellectual property laws and check whether the law firm of your choice has IP law included in their specialization. 

Visit the nearest local professional lawyers’ office to ask for referrals. Asking other business owners should also be part of the research process. So are suggestions from family members, friends, and members of your professional network with experience in the subject. 

  1. Check The Lawyer’s Reputation   

Apart from focusing on a legal counsel’s expertise, don’t forget to keep the lawyer’s reputation in mind. An IP rights attorney with good standing can go the extra mile to prepare everything for you and ensure that your concerns are appropriately handled. Thus, to avoid wasting your time, money, and effort, choose a reputable and credible lawyer who can protect your brand’s best interests, get things done, and win your case. 

  1. Look For A Lawyer Who Handles Litigation  

Some lawyers may only offer consultation on intellectual property law and don’t handle litigation. Be pragmatic and look for an attorney who can do both. Besides, it can be a hassle to find a separate lawyer who can handle the litigation for you.  

  1. List Down Your Primary Choices 

Reading online reviews and getting in touch with actual clients can help you form a well-informed decision. Depending on your specific needs and your future requirements, always list down a few choices after conducting research and never settle with ads that you see online. 

  1. Request Face-to-Face Meetings  

Don’t forget to conduct interviews before deciding on a specific intellectual property lawyer to work with or represent you. An interview can be a time-consuming process, but it’ll help you determine which lawyer is worth your time. If possible, prepare some questions about the legal professional’s experience with IP. Consider how the attorney answers the questions and interacts with you. Do this with a few other lawyers until you find the one that you feel comfortable working with.  


Choosing the proper legal counsel for your intellectual property-related concerns is a big decision. Thus, it’s critical to find the right one who can keep your assets safe and well protected. 

Make sure to keep the following tips in mind when selecting the right intellectual property lawyer. Don’t hesitate to shop around for referrals from reliable sources and arrange a discussion to find out how you feel about working with the lawyer on your list. Narrow down your choices until you find the right lawyer who can work with you best. 

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