How To Be Your Own Boss In 10 Seconds With These Cheap Business Ideas

The next time that grumpy boss of yours has a bad hair day or when catching the 7 o’clock to work on a cold Monday morning is just no fun anymore, pull out this list. You just never know, the old thought of being your own boss one fine day could be sooner than you think.

OK, with that promise in mind, here is my quick list of cheap business ideas. While not comprehensive, each idea only has 4 quick points and takes about 10 seconds to read. Its designed to get your creative juice flowing so you can come up with something that’s uniquely your own or a combo of ideas you can run with.

Huge outlay to get started, you ask? It depends. I didn’t call this list ‘Cheap Business Ideas’ for no reason. Enjoy.

Off Site Marketing Department

Many companies are great at making a product but lousy in broadcasting and promoting it.

  • Offer them an off-site on-demand marketing service
  • Focus on promoting their product to their targeted areas
  • Position yourself as a one-day-a-week service, per company
  • Charge each a one-day consulting fee and you’re smiling

Blogging For Gas Money Or Rent

Got a weird interest, hobby, or knack? Write about it!

  • Share what’s in your heart on your blog, you WILL attract an audience
  • Engage your personality with your readers by crafting words and images
  • Do some quality research then say something funny or sad or outrageous
  • Create income through AdSense ads and sell on-topic ebooks on your blog

eBay Empire In Your Garage

Got a garage load of unwanted gifts and well-loved things?

  • Go online and sell them on Craigslist, Gumtree or eBay, or
  • Consign them – get someone else to sell them for a shared commission
  • Or pick up and sell other people’s unwanted gifts and share the profits
  • Manufacturers and Wholesalers are also great sources to find goods to sell online

Click-Click Service

If you’ve already spent a bit on a hi-tech camera, why not make it pay?

  • Businesses do look out for photography services every now and then
  • Attend a bridal or business expo and start handing out your business cards
  • Post some of your best shots online on a salespage
  • Showcase some of your arty shots and sell them online

Arts, Crafts and Other Arty Things

Find out what you make well, and enjoy doing

  • Set up a stand in the local co-op or market to offer your creation
  • Expose your work to your city or to the world on a simple WordPress blog

  • If suitable, offer them as corporate gifts that people can order from you
  • Or run workshops and classes and teach others what you know

Bookkeeping Business Rescuer

Good at managing numbers and balancing budgets?

  • Loads of small and solo business owners would love to hear from you
  • What’s a Pandora’s nightmare for them is an opportunity for you
  • Work one to two days a week per business to do their books
  • Charge an hourly fee and everyone’s happy

Rewrite Foreign Websites

  • There are countless websites and business owners on Ali Baba who will love to hear from you

  • Well over 60% of Ali Baba businesses are marketing to a Western audience
  • They need rewrite help for their Sales, About Us and Technical Instructions web pages
  • The opportunity is endless. It will take you forever to saturate the market

Virtual Assistance In Your Pajamas

It’s the same as being a personal assistant, only this is online

  • Many Internet Marketers seek out Elance, Guru, and ODesk to find VAs
  • Your work could be data entry, filling out online forms, post blogs, article writing…
  • There are countless little jobs IMers love to palm off to their VAs
  • That’s where you step in and say ‘show me the money’ and they will thank you for it

Personal Organizer Manager

If you have a knack at being well organized, it’s a sellable hot talent

  • The inability to be organised is the very thing that holds many businesses back
  • This is a wide open market for you to help desperate business owners
  • Target busy executives, professional career mums, product launch managers, and
  • Just about anyone who’s busy up their eyeballs

Keynote Motivator Pumper Up-er

Businesses would pay through their nose to unleash an effective motivator to their staff

  • Got something you can teach and inspire a sales team?
  • You can help a business add to their bottom-line and pump up their team in one sitting
  • Motivational speakers, training managers, sales trainers are all needed commodities
  • You can do this live or online via a webinar or by Skype or
  • Run workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching

Content, FAQ and Article Writer

Many small to medium size businesses are always in need of improving their sales message

  • Offer a once a month service where you write business content for SMEs
  • Offer a business a better sales message than their competitors’

  • Offer content-rewrite for websites, brochures, and flyers – it’s an endless landscape
  • Help set up a FAQ page for businesses

Fashion Fundraising

If you have an eye for color coordination in fashion, turn that talent into a cash cow

  • Buy a range of in-season off cut garments from wholesalers
  • Contact a number of fundraising organizations, schools, and hospitals
  • Offer to run their next fundraising by showcasing your fashion range
  • Sell your garments to their targeted audience!
  • Pay the organization an agreed commission, you keep the rest!

There it is, my quick-to-read list of cheap business ideas. If you are already reading this you’ve over-stayed. Get that note pad out, start jotting, and lock in those hot ideas you’re getting and then start. Just start.

You never know where a small germ of an idea can take you to one day. Remember Dell Computers, McDonald’s, Apple, Google, Kinko’s, and FedEx? Say goodbye to that Monday Morning Blues and hello to independence!

Byrt Mallanyk is a M*A*S*H fan and is recognised for his unique Copywriting and Business Blogging Skills. http://smallbusinessonline.thebmfactor.com/

He is also a professional musician, and he creates non-collateral funding for urban enterprises. He and his wife and three children live in Sydney Australia.

Author: Byrt Mallanyk
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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