Allianz Joins in Pinoy Bayanihan, Provides Meals for Lung Center Frontliners

Allianz-PNB Life, through its #CourageOverCOVID online campaign, joins in the Pinoy bayanihan spirit by helping others out, especially the frontliners, during these difficult times.

Allianz PNB Life
Allianz PNB Life is providing healthy meals for frontliners at the Lung Center for the next three weeks.

“Filipino bayanihan can manifest itself in many ways. We can see it in our frontliners who risk their lives every day to serve those in need. We can see it in the people who participate in donation drives and the ones who share useful and factual information that can help get us through this crisis. It’s a wonderful aspect of Pinoy culture, one we need a lot of nowadays,” said Allianz-PNB Life CEO Alexander Grenz.

In line with this online initiative, Allianz started providing freshly cooked dinner meals to the frontliners of the Lung Center of the Philippines last April 2. It will continue to do so for the next three weeks.

“We are grateful for the dedication of our doctors, nurses, and service staff during these challenging times. We salute them for their hard work,” Grenz said. “The meals we are offering is Allianz’s small way of showing our gratitude. This initiative was also made possible with our partnership with Mr. Andreas Meneghetti, Managing Director of Boehringer Ingelheim Business Services Philippines, and our caterer, Roje Charesse Ortega of DJLH Lechon House.”

The Lung Center in Quezon City, along with the Philippine General Hospital in Manila and the Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital in Caloocan, are the National Capital Region’s COVID-19 referral centers.

“At Allianz, we always say, ‘We dare you to because we’re with you.’ Now is the best time for all of us to have the courage to do our part in battling this pandemic,” Grenz said.

Apart from providing meals to frontliners, Allianz has extended a grace period of up to 75 days to its customers for paying their premiums during the enforcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, and is also making available a simplified claims process via an express lane. Covid-19 in-patient hospitalization is also covered by Allianz, as well as complications that will arise from the virus and that will meet the criteria for whole person impairment.

For further information and clarification on these plans, you may visit their website at www.allianzpnblife.ph or their Facebook page at Facebook.com/allianzpnblifeofficial.

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