Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19 Treat-ment, Hospitalization?

With the recent developments surrounding the spread of the corona virus disease (COVID-19), it’s important to ensure that you observe all the necessary preventive measures such as observing proper hygiene and sanitation.

It also helps to make sure that your health plan covers you and your family’s treatment or hospitalization in the event that you contract the disease that has already affected thousands here and abroad. In the Philippines, a State of Public Health Emergency has already been declared.

“While the COVID-19 is a recently-discovered disease, there are health insurance policies that can cover its treatment and a plan holder’s hospitalization. Don’t hesitate to ask your insurance agent about it,” advised Allianz PNB Life chief marketing officer Gae Martinez.

Allianz Well!, one of Allianz PNB Life’s health insurance solutions, offers full medical treatment, hospitalization, and even evacuation to the nearest medical facility to those who have confirmed diagnosis of the disease.

With an annual plan limit of up to PhP100 million, it gives access to an accredited healthcare network and the option to choose your preferred medical facility. It also covers health screening, vaccination, dental services, physical activity programs, and nutrition counseling.

Allianz Well plan holders likewise have access to expert medical advice, with its 24/7 tele-consultation and expert medical opinion service.

“It’s important to stay informed nowadays. Follow reliable sources and don’t pass on unverified information. More importantly, don’t be afraid to seek medical advice,” Martinez said.

To learn more about Allianz Well!, you can visit www.allianzpnblife.ph or send an inquiry to yourhealthmatters@allianzpnblife.ph.

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