How International Travel Insurance Has You Covered in More Ways Than You Would Have Ever Thought

Planning a vacation with family and friends at an exciting and beautiful destination of your choice far from the madding crowd can be pretty exciting. While you take all the trouble to carefully select your destination, make the hotel reservations, the flight, and car bookings, etc., it may not ever cross your mind that all your enjoyment could be easily jeopardized due to many issues. You could fall ill, miss a flight, lose your luggage, get mugged, or even lose your passport to mentions just some of the things that can spoil your holiday. While purchasing travel insurance will not safeguard you from any of these incidents, there are many ways in which it can rescue you from a tight spot and prevent your vacation from getting completely spoiled. A quick look at why international travel insurance is a must:

Medical Cover

Falling ill or having an accident in a foreign land can not only be scary but also very difficult to manage and expensive to boot. With travel insurance coverage in place, your insurance company will not only give you financial protection from large hospitalization bills but also make your treatment convenient with facilities like cashless hospitalization, out-patient, and in-patient treatment, cost of air ambulance and medical evacuation, and even provide you a daily allowance for the period you are admitted in a hospital. With the extensive network coverage, most reputed insurers have, shortage of cash in a foreign land is not something you will have to worry about. Inform your Ontario Insurance Broker or insurance company and submit all the prescriptions, reports, and bills so that they can either settle directly or reimburse you.

Travel Cover 

Even though you made the best travel bookings you could, there are plenty of things that can happen to throw everything out of gear and cause you to lose a substantial amount of money. These include flight cancellations or delays, cancellation or interruption of the trip, or the loss of a passport. Trips can be canceled or interrupted due to natural calamities, severe weather, strikes and work disruptions, terrorist activity, and much more. The insurance policy will reimburse your travel expenses in this kind of situation to the maximum extent.

Baggage Cover 

Despite their best attempt to take care of your luggage, airlines do manage to lose them in transit or they could also be delayed, leaving you high and dry in a foreign land. In such cases, your travel insurance policy will cover you for the lost or delayed baggage or even baggage that has been damaged or stolen. If you travel frequently, you should consider an annual travel insurance plan instead of a trip-specific cover, according to https://www.forbes.com.


In addition to the main benefits, there are plenty of additional benefits of a travel insurance policy that you can opt for like accidental death cover, personal liability, cost of a compassionate visit, as well as an upgrade to Business Class. However, these are generally add-on covers that you have to buy separately. When you are traveling on a vacation or even on a business trip, you should make it a point to purchase international travel insurance to keep yourself protected from unforeseen exigencies.

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