Logistics and transpiration IoT & SaaS technology provider Inteluck to release new products

The age of providing one-fits-all type of service has ended. Nowadays, logistics and transportation solutions must be tailored to each customer. With too many uncertainties in logistics and having many different parties involved, offering services that solve each individual customer’s problems, such as vessels getting lost, fuel theft, overstaying, cargo theft, communication lost, and many others, might be difficult at times.

Jericho Zapanta, owner of GM Trans, shares: “Before I was introduced to Inteluck’s products, I had a hard time looking for my vehicles, and sometimes I would have problems if my drivers abandon my vehicles somewhere. But with the help of Inteluck, I can now easily manage or see the locations of my vehicles. Now, I don’t need to ask for other operators’ help to locate my vehicles.”

With the aim to solve the logistics industry’s most prevalent problems, Inteluck, a leading logistics and transportation Internet of Things (IoT) & software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology provider transforming the way logistics companies gather data and manage vehicles, announced today the expansion of its product line.

Launched in 2014, Inteluck’s SaaS solutions are utilized by over 300 Philippine-based companies from Logistics, Cargo, Trucking, Power, Security, Public Transportation, Construction, Manufacture, Food and other industries.

Inteluck’s proprietary tracking platform allows business owners to minimize the risk of their business and give them security to grow their transportation business. Inteluck’s suite of solutions, designed to suit the needs of transportation business owners, includes features such as real time location, speed coding and route history, real time video, geo-fence alert, two-way voice communication, and real time fuel monitoring.

Kevin Zhang, the founder and CEO of Inteluck, believes that their solutions are not only beneficial for the transportation and logistics industry, but they also affect the whole society.

Zhang said, “The logistics and transportation industry are vital parts of the society. Giving importance and paying close attention to these industries will help the general public in how they operate in their daily lives. Thus, to improve and optimize this system will truly increase the delivery performance and efficiency of the whole industry. In this way, the public can expect faster deliveries, faster fulfillment customer orders, and ultimately, an easier life.”

Inteluck announced the launching of Trucking.ph. Trucking.ph is the 1st online and free good’s match platform in the Philippines, which helps truckers find and match more delivery trips. This eliminates the unsynchronized information between suppliers and truckers, solve the ‘Empty Return Trips’ issues, and improve the efficiency of deliveries across the country.                             

After seeing how their products have positively affected the logistics and transportation industry in Luzon, Inteluck will soon expand their services and set offices in Visayas and Mindanao. Furthermore, they plan to expand into Vietnam and Thailand at the end of 2017.

To learn more about how Inteluck is transforming the logistics and transformation industry, visithttp://inteluck.com/.

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