Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer When Pursuing a Car Accident Claim

Were you involved in a car accident and suffered a severe injury in the process? Do you believe the other party is at fault and he should pay for your medical expenses and lost income? If the other party wants to settle with you, that is good. But what if he also thinks he is the aggrieved party? If this is your situation, you may need personal injury lawyer services to pursue your claim successfully.

Under the law, a victim of an accident should receive compensation from the other party or insurance to make up for the medical cost, damage to property, or loss of income he may incur due to the mishap. He should also receive compensation for the pain and suffering he experienced, as well as the potential lifetime disability he may suffer due to his injuries.

Types of Compensatory Damages in Personal Injury Cases

When you file a personal injury claim, the court will determine the fair amount of compensation you should receive for your injuries or damages to your car. Here are some of the compensatory damages in a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Loss of income – When you suffer a severe injury due to other’s negligence, you may receive a damage award for the salaries you already lost and the future wages you can no longer earn due to your physical damage.
  • Medical treatment cost – If you are the victim, the negligent party should pay for your medical bills, drugs, and future medical care needs.
  • Property damages or losses – The guilty party should pay for the repair or replacement of your car and the fair market value of all the properties you lost due to the accident.
  • Enjoyment loss – You will receive compensation for your inability to enjoy your recreational activities and hobbies due to your injuries.
  • Emotional trauma – You should receive compensation for the psychological effect of your injuries, like lack of sleep, anxiety, and fear.
  • Pain and severe discomfort – You will get a monetary reward for your suffering due to the mishap.
  • Loss of consortium –This award will compensate you for the loss of companionship or failure to maintain a sexual relationship due to the accident.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer to Advance Your Claims

Pursuing a personal injury claim will cost you time and money. Your stress will be significantly reduced if you seek personal injury lawyer services to assist you in your pursuit. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer to pursue your claims:

  • Knowledge and experience of the legal and claims process – Your lawyer will know the ins and outs of filing or settling a claim.
  • Maximum insurance claim and settlement – You will get fair compensation for your injuries and property damages.
  • Representation in case of trial – You will have proper representation if your case goes to trial.
  • Ability to deal with red-tape – Your lawyer will handle all of the paperwork and other red tape put up by insurance firms.
  • Deal with investigators –Your attorney will cooperate with the police in gathering evidence.
  • Help in finding other solutions –Your lawyer will advise you about the different possible alternatives to resolve your case.
  • Higher possibility of reaching a settlement or winning the case – Your attorney will help you receive fair compensatory damages for all your troubles.

Processing a personal injury claim is a tricky and cumbersome process. Avoid additional stress by hiring the services of a competent and licensed personal injury attorney.

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