Better Way in Handling Your Office Supplies

Managing supplies around the office can be a challenge at times. There are a number of factors to be considered in monitoring this section.

1. What are the stocks needed to be kept all the time?
2. How many items should be kept per stock?
3. Who / what department requests for the stock? How many and how much?
4. What is the purpose of the request, especially for unique items that are not always stocked?
5. How urgent the need is?
6. Were the products received? Who received it? When?
7. Availability of the stocks? Are the supplies out of stock, needs to be re-ordered, or are there alternatives needed to be considered?

Some of these questions can easily be addressed by a spreadsheet document and inventory. But the biggest questions go in the following numbers:
8. How much is allotted by the company for office supplies acquisition? And,
9. Is there an easy online shopping for office supplies in the Philippines with discounts, guarantees and free delivery?

This coils to the rapid expansion of office supplies need in Southeast Asia. Early this year, Rocket Internet GmbH; one of the leading on-line venture capital firms and start up incubators of the world, launched its new venture in providing office supplies to businesses known as Office Fab.

Here in the Philippines, different online portals are available where you can buy, shop and get discounts to everything office supplies. This type of B2B service also offers free delivery of office supplies in the whole country.

Free delivery of supplies can eliminate hassles in traffic, shopping and parking. Ideas such as these improve management of budget and stocks. Now, this is the time to think wisely in managing your office supplies need. Maximize the internet stratum!

Author details: Goldy Baroa is working as business developer in an e-commerce company and program analyst in one of the leading television network in the country. She is also a pageant enthusiast, an event host and a part–time model.

By: Goldy Baroa

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