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credit card

Safeguard your credit card this 2021

CCAP shares tips to avoid credit card fraud The necessary digital shift brought about by the pandemic has immensely accelerated the growth and potential of technology — something that proves to be a double-edged sword. While tech advancements can be beneficial, they can also be used for malicious means, like...

Globe myBusiness

Globe myBusiness offers exclusive perks to registered business owners

Registering your business and renewing government registrations at the Business Process Licensing Office (BPLO) is a necessary part of running and keeping up your enterprise. It establishes your legitimacy and makes you more credible not just to the government, but also to partners, investors, clients, and customers. To aid the...

IT security recommendations

Kaspersky shares IT security recommendations for businesses in 2021

Remote work will catalyze a shift from the corporate perimeter concept to micro-office security certification. Outsourcing of IT and cybersecurity functions will be crucial to solve expertise shortages and save budgets. To coordinate managed service providers along with using multiple cloud services, cloud security and management skills will become a...

protecting vehicles

Protecting vehicles: Kaspersky launches tailored threat intelligence reporting for the automotive industry

Kaspersky has now introduced its tailored threat intelligence (TI) reporting for organizations working in the automotive industry, which was previously available for a selected range of customers. The company’s TI reports provide car manufacturers with in-depth analysis of industry-specific security threats and identify information that could be utilized by malefactors...