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Your Ultimate Guide to Magento 2 Customer Groups Configuration

As a Magento eCommerce store owner, it is crucial for you to apply different rules, discounts or tax rates to only a selected few users. If you are looking for an answer to this question, this is the right blog for you.  In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we...

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Most Effective Ways to Optimize WordPress Website for Lead Generation

What do you think is the most significant aspect of increasing sales? Or I would say what parameters are you following to generate the leads? You must be following the best online marketing strategies to make it work..!! Correct?? Are you convinced that the strategies you are following are adequate...


4 Things to Think About Before You Start Building Your Own Website

Starting your own website, whether for business reasons or because you want to start building your own online presence, can be an exhilarating time. For many of us, it’s the essential first step to take when it comes to building an audience and connecting with other people around the world...


Steps to take before you buy a domain name

Let’s make a few things clear from the get go! The basics of branding are pretty simple. A memorable domain name is usually short, unique, simple to slip into conversations and easy to pronounce. However, the choices are plenty when you start thinking about the emotional connect of the domain...


The Hacker’s Bounty: How Much Do Cybercriminals Make from Innocent Users?

Cybercriminals could be raking in profits 20 times greater than the cost of their attacks, according to figures compiled by Kaspersky Lab experts. The research compared the cost of the most frequently used hacker tools with the money stolen in a successful malicious operation. “Buying malware is currently not a...


I Want My Google Page Ranking Back

The online world is abuzz with PageRank and if your business’s page ranking has taken a dip, then it’s time to turn things around. Page ranking is becoming increasingly valuable when it comes to website authority and popularity, so it’s important that your business’s website have a PageRank of at...