4 Tips to finding a lawyer to help with your slip and fall case

Have you ever hurt yourself as a result of a slip and fall accident? Maybe you slipped on an extremely slimy surface, fell down hard and bruised your hip. Such incidents often cause slight injuries that we end up shrugging off. But occasionally, fall accidents cause an assortment of traumatic brain injuries among individuals, with the highest prevalence of such cases being among small children and elderly people aged 75 and above.

You might be surprised, but most slip and fall accidents are never your fault! They could occur due to slippery floor conditions, unsafe surfaces and failure to put warning signs. In case you experience such an incident, hire an experienced Chicago slip and fall lawyer to represent your case.

Here are 4 tips to finding a lawyer that can help with your slip and fall case:

  • Conduct some research

There could be an array of lawyers out there specializing in slip and fall cases, but most of them could lack sufficient qualifications or charge depressingly high charges for their services. So before making your pick, conduct some in-depth research and come up with a list of good lawyers. Next, choose from the cream of the crop. It might be a slow process, but you’ll eventually find an attorney who empathizes with you and handles your case with the attention it deserves.

  • Get a lawyer with exquisite credentials

Apart from having good communication skills, your slip and fall lawyer should also adorn good judgement. He/she should be able to effortlessly draw reasonable assumptions and logical conclusions from the information you offer. All judgements put forth should be critically considered and fortified to seal out any existing areas of weakness.  In addition, your preferred lawyer should be able to destroy the opposition’s defense by pointing our areas of weakness. Finally, this lawyer should be decisive enough to make sound judgment calls rather than just sitting on the fence.

  • Ask questions

Some slip and fall victims are too afraid to ask questions to their lawyers, probably thinking that their cases will be handled successfully. However, you’ll learn a lot by asking relevant questions. Find out how your lawyer intends to win the case. It’s the attorney’s duty to collect all your accrued bills, medical records and lost income documents in order to prepare an airtight case. These days, it’s surprisingly hard to get complete medical records from the hospital, so it really helps when your slip and fall lawyer has a healthcare professional who can obtain such medical records when the need arises.

  • Method of payment

Hiring a slip and fall attorney will obviously cost you a pretty penny. However, most lawyers prefer working with a suitable contingency fee. This means that their payment is derived from your jury award or final settlement. Such a charging system works perfectly for most slip and fall victims since no upfront fee is required. However, if you’re awarded a handsome settlement, a huge chunk goes to your lawyer (around 25-40%). Make this crucial consideration before hiring.

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