How To Make Your Opinion Count

There are a lot of jobs out there that reward strong opinions but very few of them do so as well or as obviously as investment. Whether you are invest in stocks and shares, in currency, in governments or in property, it is totally down to you to make the judgment calls.

If you don’t want to invest, you don’t have to invest and having a job that gives you that freedom is incredible. We live in the internet age and there is now a wealth of information online that can help any budding investor find out all the background information they need in order to make a well informed decision. It is frightening to think how many investors there are out there and they all make a lot of money because the back their opinions.

Naturally you have got to have money to start with, you don’t just become an investor from nothing. If you do however have that capital and are willing to take a little risk with it then a career in investment is certainly the way to go in my eyes.

This article will highlight why investment is a great way to make money through having an opinion and will try to showcase certain aspects of the profession that are appealing.


Investment is a brilliant profession to go into because there are so many opportunities, just as top investment manager Brett Lankester. There are many avenues to explore in the investment world and the key word that you must always keep in your mind is growth, you must invest in projects that have the opportunity to grow and expand.

This growth is what you need, if you can find a diamond in the rough that grows at a rate of knots then you are in to make a tidy profit. It is incredible how many investment opportunities there are out there. It is just a matter of being patient and working out what areas you want to focus your attention on.

I believe a focused strategy is the best one to pursue, it can give you a focus to your research and can also help you build a strong reputation in the field.


Investment is a job that rewards innovation and also encourages you as the investor to adopt and innovative mindset in order to diversify your portfolio. It is essential that you as the investor is constantly moving forward, keeping up to date with the latest trends and economic developments.

The world is changing, investment opportunities are changing and you have got to remain at the fore.


Investment is really enjoyable experience. I haven’t found there to be many investors out there who hate their job. They are at the forefront of change and they invest money in potentially groundbreaking and revolutionary projects.

Working in an industry that rewards having an opinion is brilliant, you are in control of your own destiny and you can do that in any way you physically want. It is a one of a kind industry and one I would really recommend.

Tony Hampton has been writing as a freelancer for ten years now. He is very sought after in the industry and has a particular way of writing his articles.

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