Common Applications of Stainless Steel Tubing

Steel is utilized in a number of industrial applications. Read this article to know the wide range of uses of steel tubing.

stainless steel tubing

Stainless steel is a durable metal made using different alloys such as manganese, iron, and titanium. Due to its versatility, it is used in the manufacturing process of different applications in the industries. Each year, there are millions of stainless steel tube that are produced and used in different industries. The steel tubes can be made through the seamless or welding process. The seamless steel tubes are manufactured by passing them through a piercing rod to make a hollow tubing. On the other side, the welded tubes are manufactured joining the rolling plate and the seam together. In the recent past, the seamless tubes were viewed to be strong than the welded tubes. Due to the different advances taking place in the technological field, the welded tubes are now stronger and they have replaced the seamless tubes in many different industrial applications.

Why is Steel Used in Many Industrial Applications

It is Available in Every Size

One of the common reasons why steel is used in so many industrial applications is due to the fact that it is custom manufactured meaning that it can fit into so many configurations. There are some manufacturers who specialize in the manufacture of only one specific size of the steel while others have utilized technology and they can manufacture it into small tiny tubing used in hypodermic and many other large sizes used in making industrial pipes.

There are also a number of measurements that are considered when you are choosing the appropriate tubing for the steel. They include the thickness, the inner diameter, and the outer diameter. Once the above have been carefully chosen, the tubing can be easily drawn and welded into any length.

It is Versatile

Since stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and not prone to rust, it can be used in a number of different ways. As a way of illustrating the versatility of steel, we will illustrate how it can be utilized in a single facility which is the hospital. Within a hospital facility, steel tubing can be used in so many processes and operations. The structure or the building itself would utilize the steel tubing to manufacture the pipes, drainage, ventilation and in making the parts of the wiring components within the structure.

In the hospital, the stainless tubes can also be cut and used to make the chemical containers for use within the facility. On a small scale, the steel tubing is found in almost every medical equipment and tools since it contains anti-bacterial properties. This includes the ability to clean it easily after use, it is resistant to any corrosion and it does not react with the body fluids.

The modern hospitals cannot function without the stainless steel tubing.

Which are the Fields Where Steel Tube is Used?

The steel tubes are used in both domestic and industrial activities. In the industries, they are used due to their ability to withstand pressure, high temperature and distractive elements. In the domestic field, they are used in making home appliances and gas pipes. If you look just behind your refrigerator, you will notice a certain steel tubing.

The common applications of steel tubing include:

In the construction and engineering industry

Manufacture process of the Automobiles

The Use of Steel Tubing in Construction and Engineering

Hollow structures are commonly used in construction activities. The steel tubing designed for the construction industry comes in the rectangular, circular or the square shapes. The most common ones that are used in the construction industry are the rectangular tubes that are usually subjected to loading into the construction location.

It is also used in making metal scaffolding. It is useful in transporting the workers and heavy machinery equipment with ease.  The assembling process for the steel scaffolding is also quick and easy since there are no nuts which are required to tie the metals.

Manufacture of Automobiles

Since the early 1990s, the use of steel in the manufacture of the automobiles has been increasing due to a lot of reasons. Steel tubing is used in the manufacture of the internal part of the vehicle such as the injection fuel, the control systems of the vehicle and the suspension.

Steel is Used in Every Industry

From the above applications, we can clearly see that the stainless steel tube is utilized in almost every industry. The product is versatile and it can be easily customized making it appropriate for a wide range of applications. There are different grades of tubing in the form of nickel-based, austenitic and ferritic that you can choose from based on the different conditions like high temperature or corrosion. Ensure the tube size you choose meets your needs.

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  1. I found it interesting when you said that steel is a very durable material that is used in so many industrial applications. As you said, it is resistant to corrosion and not prone to rust. This reminded me of the construction industry that uses scaffolding a lot for easy work and the safety of its workers as well. I could imagine how important it is for construction companies to find a steel tubing distributor that is reliable.

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