How to Find The Best Pool Builders in Palm Beach County

In Palm Beach County, it’s usual for you to find some of the most beautiful and picturesque homes. After all, it sits on such a majestic landscape.

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Palm Beach County is not replete of swimming pool builders. After all, this is a demand that shouldn’t come as a surprise in this beautiful location. As more and more homeowners are on the hunt for the best additions to their home, a swimming pool comes as a great addition.

Albeit luxurious, it’s also understandable that having a swimming pool installed also comes with a price. Hence, you must put this task in the hands of no one else but the experts.

Here’s how you can find the best pool builders:

1. Double Check The Credentials And Reputation Of The Pool Builders

With numerous pool builders for you to choose from, you need to make the right choice. The only way for you to achieve this is for you to exercise prudence at the very beginning. One tiny mistake of being lazy about doing your research can mean a costly and regrettable mistake.

For you to ensure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy pool builder, do check on the following:

  • Check for the pool contractor’s history and their portfolio.
  • Ask for the recommendations and feedback coming from previous clients. Is there anything that’s a red flag for you? If so, walk away immediately. A reputable pool builder is always highly recommended and has the least complaints from previous clients.
  • Check the contractor’s credentials. Are they certified to build swimming pools? Or is this just something they’ve recently learned? Because a swimming pool is a costly project, you should leave it in the hands of the experts.

Having a run-down of these factors can help you determine as to whether or not the contractor really put thought and effort into starting up his business of building swimming pools.

pool builders

2. Visit Websites Across The Internet

A trustworthy pool builder will most likely have a website up and running. They won’t be afraid to put themselves out in the vast big world of the Internet. After all, they’ve got no skeletons in their closet to hide.

All thanks to technology, your means of looking for the best pool builders have significantly increased. Use this to your advantage by always browsing through websites.

Do the following, too, as you visit every site:

  • Visit the gallery. This will give you an idea as to whether or not this particular swimming pool builder has previously done a swimming pool that’s similar to what you’re looking for. When you look at their previous works, it can also give you a point of reference as to how you’re going to narrow down your options.
  • Check for the proper permits and licenses that should be posted. These permits and licenses refer to the permits to open a business as a swimming pool builder.

To start your browse, visit https://www.customwatershapes.com.

3. Review The Extra Work That They Can Do

The best pool builders shouldn’t just give you the basics. They should be able to go even way beyond that point. After all, they’ll want to provide the best for their clients. Hence, ask around as well and review on the extras that they can provide for you.

If there’s an add-on feature that you want, such as decks or water features, the best pool builder should be able to do this for you. If one says they can’t, look for a better one instead.

4. Compare Prices

A swimming pool is going to be an expensive project. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to use up the last of your savings to have a swimming pool. Similarly, it doesn’t mean that you immediately have to get pressured into saying yes to the very first contractor that you meet, even if you feel that the price isn’t right.

Give yourself the time to compare prices across numerous contractors. Doing so will give you a general idea as to what amount may be the possible cheapest price, for the type and size of the pool that you want to be built.

When you have in mind the prices of other contractors, you can also use this as a starting point for you to haggle the price. More often than not, the best pool builders will be more than willing to go through an ample negotiation with you.


A swimming pool is always a great additional feature for your home. Especially in Palm Beach County where the weather is excellent, this is one addition to your house that’s going to keep it relaxing the whole year-round.

Before you can enjoy its benefits, however, you’ve got to pass the dirty work of having one installed. Now that you’ve got this list of tips on how you can find the best pool builders, all you’ve got to do is start looking around.

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