How to combine work and study: tips for students

How to Survive Combining Work and Study?
It is not a secret that today many young people want to have a higher education because a degree is a guarantee of successful life and fast career development. Writers of newton essay know that students are considered moneyless people, and this is mostly true because tuition in top universities today is very high. Hence, it is not unusual that most students try to combine work and study somehow to kill two birds with one stone: earn money and working experience and obtain higher education at the same time.

What Job to Choose to Combine It with Study Successfully?
Although many young people enroll to different universities every year, the problem is still topical: students have to earn money just to get by in student campuses because tuition is too high for their families. So, here are some places of work very popular among students:

1. Post.
A young student may go to the nearest post office to find his/her first job. It is possible to deliver mail in the evenings even if you are an intramural student, so this profession is one of the best for students who want to earn some money in spare time.

2. University.
It is also possible to find a place to work in your own university. Although the salary leaves much to be desired, the main advantage of this job is that you will be able to keep track of all possible events and changes of your academic schedule, so it is worth trying!

3. Catering establishments.
Another popular place where students may find their first job is catering establishments. For example, a student may work as a waiter. The main advantage of such job is that usually, such organizations provide students with flexible working hours, and one may choose how much time can be devoted to a job and to academic tasks on his/her own. Moreover, many waiters have good tips; so, such a job can be very high-paying for some lucky persons.

4. Baby-sitting.
If you have younger brothers or sisters or like children in general, you may try to work as a baby-sitter. This job is comfortable for intramural students because usually, baby-sitting is necessary in the evenings, and one may attend classes in the morning and earn money for several evenings of baby-sitting during a week. It is a nice job if you are a reliable person who likes children and wants to have some experience of communication with them.

5. The Internet.
The best place to find any kind of job today is the Internet. A remote job is good for everybody, and what is more, doesn’t require any special skills. It is possible to find many kinds of vacancies in the Web from simple clicking, which is good even for pupils, up to serious positions that need some specialized skills. However, it is up to you to choose how to spend your free time: just surfing the web or earning money online.

Certainly, this list doesn’t include all possible variants of work for students that can be combined with the educational process, but it is definitely a matter of one’s personal choice whether to work or not. All in all, sometimes it is better to devote more time to education than to earn money.

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