How to Improve the Value of Your Car

Value of Your Car

In order to understand what improves the value of your car, it is first important that you understand what determines its value. There are several factors playing a key role here, some of which are:

  • Model
  • Age
  • Physical appearance
  • Mileage
  • Working condition

You see, some factors, like model and age, are something that you cannot affect. There are some models that are in higher demand and some that don’t lose that much value over time. Mileage is something that you technically have control over but might not be able to alter that much.

So, the remaining two factors (physical appearance and working condition) are the only things that are completely in your power.

While it is possible to make some investments that will increase the value of your car, not all of them have a positive ROI. So, you must also determine whether you’re selling the vehicle (which means that you’re investing in order to boost its appeal) or keeping it (and want to increase the quality of life value).

With that in mind and without further ado, here are several things you should keep in mind.

1. Routine maintenance

The working condition of your car is mostly determined by its maintenance. It’s never too late to start but the key thing is continuity. Even if your car is in pretty bad shape, you can find a car repair center you trust and get it back up to speed. Still, what you do from this point on is just as important. Doing this once doesn’t solve much because you’re driving your car day in and day out. Even if you rarely drive it, the car’s state deteriorates even when inactive (some say even more severely). So, make sure to put this as a high priority.

2. Driving habits

Previously, we’ve mentioned mileage as a major factor. However, this is merely a part of the whole story. A mile of careful driving and a mile of speeding, choosing roads with bumps, etc. are not the same. While the meter will show the same mileage, the car’s physical appearance and working condition will differ greatly. So, in order to keep your car more valuable for a longer time, you need to change your driving habits. Always inflate your tires, drive carefully, watch out for the tire rotation and make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the next vehicle. Once you have to repair the bodywork, the value will never be the same.

3. Keep it clean

The physical appearance of your car greatly depends on how clean you’re determined to keep it at all times. A potential customer may drop by at any moment, which is an eventuality that you need to prepare yourself for. Remember one thing, this is not just a matter of cleanliness. You could take your car to a carwash and have it cleaned for a couple of dollars but if they arrive and see a dirty vehicle, they will assume low maintenance. Seeing as how they won’t get a mechanic to investigate every car they see; chances are that a potential buyer will just give up.

4. Keep all the documentation

Another thing you need to bear in mind is the importance of having all the documentation. This is a good idea for any asset that you own, including a personal vehicle. You should keep it all in a single folder. Once you decide to sell the vehicle, being able to present all this documentation to a potential buyer will drastically increase the appeal of the vehicle. This will show them the true condition of the vehicle and exactly how much you’ve invested in its maintenance. It will also show them that the car doesn’t have any flaws/previous accidents that you’re trying to cover up.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, your intentions with the vehicle affect the general approach that you should take. For instance, if you decide to sell it online (which is the most common approach), you’ll have to find the right platform. You also need to write the right description and take photos from all the best angles. Some people even ask for an assistance of a friend with a better camera or background in professional photography.

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