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Value of Your Car

How to Improve the Value of Your Car

In order to understand what improves the value of your car, it is first important that you understand what determines its value. There are several factors playing a key role here, some of which are: Model Age Physical appearance Mileage Working condition You see, some factors, like model and age,...

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How to choose which car you should buy next

Buying a new car is always a big investment. You need a safe car that will last. It can be confusing to know how to select your next vehicle. Consider our tips below before you head to your local showroom. How much it costs How much you can spend will...


Want to Save Money on Company Car Insurance? Listen Up!

One of the best perks you can offer your employees is a company car (or at least access to a company car). At the same time, buying car insurance for a fleet of cars can be incredibly expensive. To keep it from bankrupting you, try the following tips. Buy the...

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How to Make Car Shampoo (Business)

Making your own car wash shampoo will not only save you a lot of money but also a good business idea to start with just minimal capital. It’s easy! Remember: there’s nothing very magical in the store-bought bottles of car wash solution. There are many ways to make your own...


10 Direct Selling Tips for Success

Every year thousands of men and women across Philippines sign on with direct selling firm like Avon, Mary Kay, Natasha, Amway, and other direct selling company-hoping to make money enough to buy new clothes, a new car, or a new house. They sell a little merchandise to a few relatives...


How to Start a Car Detailing Business

You stand to benefit greatly when you take the necessary steps to start a car detailing business. This is because you will get to be the boss of your own. Therefore, you stand to have a life marked with greater flexibility and freedom.