Guide to Your Teen’s First Car

Shopping for a vehicle for your teen can be a stressful process. They often set their sights on a set of wheels that will impress their friends while you might be more concerned for the safety and bigger picture. Before going to the dealership, make sure they are aware of all the factors that should be made before buying a car. This includes considerations on the budget, maintenance, MPG, size, insurance and registration, and the environment being driven in. Before taking a teen car shopping, especially for the first time, research all your options and look in several locations before committing to a vehicle.

Once purchasing the vehicle remind your teen of all the responsibilities of being on the road such as maintaining the speed limit, wearing seatbelts, and not texting and driving. Keep in mind texting and driving is linked to more than 1.6 million car crashes in the United States each year. You should also remind your teen about maintaining the vehicle in a regular maintenance schedule.

Creating great expectations for your first-time car owner can follow them into adulthood. Focusing on the core values: safety, responsibility, and respect you can ensure that purchasing a car is a valuable investment. If you are interested in learning more tips about buying a teen’s first car and making it last check out the accompanying infographic below.  

Infographic created by Capital Auto Auction

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