How to choose which car you should buy next

Buying a new car is always a big investment. You need a safe car that will last. It can be confusing to know how to select your next vehicle. Consider our tips below before you head to your local showroom.

How much it costs

How much you can spend will probably be your priority when choosing a car. There are government incentives to help you buy cars.  From January 2021, there will be UK-wide cuts to commissions that could save car buyers’ cash.

Mark out your budget before you start looking for a car and keep your top price in mind.

How you plan to use it

Car usage has changed dramatically over the past few years. Fewer people now trust using public transport and are returning to driving. You might intend to use your car for the daily commute, ferrying the kids around or long road trips.

Understand what you will use it for before buying a new car.

The body shape that is right

How you will use your car will influence the body shape you will need. If you are a young couple or single person, a hatchback model is ideal. For large families who need a car that works hard, an MPV or 4×4 is more suitable.

Consider the car body shape when thinking about your usage.

How fast it can go

It is unlikely you are planning on competing in the Grand Prix, but you still want to reach your destination in good time. Look for a car who can get the speeds you need from a car. If you travel a lot by motorway, opt for a car that can handle fast speeds easily.

What it runs on

Consider going electric or hybrid with your new car. Petrol and diesel are costly and are set to be banned in the UK after 2030. Safeguard your purchase of a new car and invest in new fuel technologies instead.

How comfortable it is

Travel in comfort in your new car and select a model with great comfort features. From seat heaters to touchscreen displays and wireless charging stations. It is all possible in your new car.

Where to choose one

Choose a reputable car showroom. From electric cars in Scotland to a Nissan dealer in Northern Ireland. Let a helpful trusted dealer help you find your new car.

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