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Taxi Booking App shallow focus photography of Taxi signage

How to Create a Taxi Booking App Like Uber?

Everyone can’t afford to pay for a car EMI. Thereby they depend on the taxi booking app like Uber to commute from one place to another place, which led many entrepreneurs to create a taxi app like Uber.  If you also seem interested in investing your time and money in...

coingeeks micropayments

Micropayments on Blockchain to Fix Supply Chain Issues

The recent episode of CoinGeek Conversations hosted by Charles Miller explores how micropayments on blockchain can help fix the world’s supply chains. The seafood industry has already revolutionized its supply chain, while the jewelry industry is looking to minimize delays, cut down on huge transaction fees and track high-value raw...

online protection

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Your Online Protection

Because of the pandemic, many businesses were pushed to go online. However, this also caused an increase in cyberattacks. Because of that, you’ve probably heard more business owners opting to strengthen their cybersecurity, trying to protect their business. Even so, many are still a bit confused if it’s worth investing...

audio recordings

Digital Advertising Tips: How To Make The Perfect Audio Recordings

In today’s audio revolution, everyone has a use for digital audio. Music lovers enjoy streaming their favorite audio tracks, podcasts help listeners engage in the discussed stories by taking them on an imaginary journey, and voice-enabled devices can now answer and respond to almost every query. That’s why now is...

Data Analytics

Top 10 Trends in Data Analytics to Expect in 2021

The rise of big data has a revolutionary impact on the economy as the technologies change and digitalisation became a new trend. The main driver of the increasing role of data and data analytics is the growing complexity of information that companies gather and process. All information that the businesses...