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5 ways small businesses can use Artificial Intelligence today

Tech companies offer small businesses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning opportunities to help solve all sorts of problems. These tools not only help them to compete with leading brands in their respective industries, but they also ensure that they stay ahead of new competitors. And for good reason. From...


Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial Robots

If you are planning to integrate an industrial robotic system into your manufacturing line, you need to consider their advantages and disadvantages. Industrial robots provide a lot of benefits but they also have their own limitations. Before buying one for your production line, make sure that you are ready to...

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Interactive Timeline: Smartphone Innovations of the 2010s

Introduction “Mobile has completely transformed the way we order food, buy groceries, book trips, stream content, game, and shop — making our lives easier every day and transforming nearly every industry in the process. It is a vital channel for interacting with consumers, and companies that succeed in mobile are...