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Hiring Your First Employee man sitting on chair beside laptop computer and teacup

Everything to Know About Hiring Your First Employee

Making the first hire is a big step for small businesses. Besides the sense of responsibility for someone, this is a strong signal that your business is headed in the right direction. The fact that someone turned down other vacant positions to help your business realize its goals and objectives...

remote working

Remote work is future of work

When COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the globe back in 2020, many organizations moved their businesses to Work from Home. Nobody knew how long this would last, we assumed, we could work remotely for a few months and then return to the office and get back to “Normal.” We...

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7 Important Questions to Ask Applicants in a Job Interview

Finding the right talent to fill a vacant position is not easy. The process requires more than merely posting a “Philippine hiring” advertisement online and waiting for the résumés to come. Recruitment teams should do a good job of screening the candidates on paper and an even better job interviewing...

resume building tips

Resume Building Tips that Give Results

When you are in the search of a job or plan a career shift, it is time to brush up your resume. This document is as important as it can be. Potential employers pay much attention to applicants’ resumes. Many times, the decision to hire or reject a candidate is...

benefit enrollment

What is Benefit Enrollment

Starting a new job with a new employer is a more complex process than one may perceive. It seems as simple as seeing an opening, applying, interviewing, and starting a new job – on the surface, anyway. Beyond that though, there’s all these administrative intricacies that new employees often have...

employment test

What are the Top Features of the Employment Test Software?

No matter which industry you are in, the threat and risk of disruption is lurking around the corner. The only way in which you can stay ahead of the curve is by improving and innovating your products and services to please your customers. Your employees pay a huge role in...

Standard Occupational Classification Code man writing on paper

What is the Standard Occupational Classification Code?

“Which Standard Occupational Classification Code (SOC) Code” is one of the biggest challenges that are faced by a sponsor when allocating a certificate of sponsorship to a migrant who wishes to enter the UK from Non-EEA Nationals. When an employer assigns a Certificate of Sponsorship, he or she must match...

public adjuster

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Professional Public Adjuster

Navigating through property damage is already heartbreaking as it is. Various types of property damages often wreak havoc to any person, and it’s challenging to start all over again. The last thing you’d want is another stressful experience in getting your claim. Choosing the ideal public adjuster Miami saves time...

job in singapore

Ways to Get a Job in Singapore

We are all looking for greener pastures and everyone wants to accomplish some goals in life. Most people can have a decent life with the help of the various jobs they have. Getting reliable employment is not easy, but when you get a job, your life changes for the better....


4 Important Reasons Why You Need a Bookkeeper

Keeping on top of your expenses is super important when you own and run a business. If you can save some money by doing something yourself – rather than paying someone else to do it for you – then it can be very tempting to try and do it all,...