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Tilapia Fingerlings Production

To meet the demand for tilapia fingerlings, more private hatcheries should be established. Although some fish-farmers specialize in fingerling production, many of them are engaged in fingerling and food fish production simultaneously. As the industry...


On-Site Training on Tilapia Culture

Tilapia, also known as “aquatic chicken”, was considered a fast growing and easy to culture species. Aiming to help interested entrepreneurs, the Technology Resource Center (TRC) will conduct a special one-day, on-site training on high...


Catfish (Hito) Raising

Clarias batrachus is a black, slippery fish with mustache to aid it in swimming. It is called catfish in English, hito in Ilocos, ito in Pampanga, and pantat in Pangasinan, Cebu and Iloilo. Catfish are...


Carp Culture in the Backyard

Carp is robust fish, capable of muddying the water and tearing bottom vegetations. It prefers shallow bodies of water and feeds on almost anything found underneath like insects, shells, and worms. If cultured or domesticated,...


Pag-aalaga ng Tilapia sa Tangke

Ang teknolohiyang ito ay naglalayong makapag-alaga ng maraming isda sa maliit na lugar sa pamamagitan ng intensibong pagpapakain, patuloy na aeration at daloy ng tubig para sa kailangang hangin at pagtanggal ng mga dumi. Mga...


Pag-aalaga ng Alimango

Ang alimango o mudcrab ay itinuturing na isang mahalagang pagkain mula sa dagat . Mainam pagkakitaan ito dahil masarap ang lasa kaya mataas ang halaga sa merkado. Ang buntis na alimango o gravid o pregnant...


Shrimps Culture and Production

Shrimp is the most important commodity, by value, in the international seafood trade. The shrimp industry has grown exponentially in the last decades, and growth is expected to continue for years to come. A new...


Abalone Seed Production and Culture

What are Abalones? Abalones are gastropod molluscs belonging to the Family Haliotidae. The genus Haliotis means “sea ear.” There are about 70 species of abalone distributed worldwide. Abalones are slow-growing one-shelled gastropods which live in...

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